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What is ITAD

Information technology asset disposition, ITAD for short, is the process of recycling and safely disposing of old IT equipment in an environmentally responsible manner. For example, if a business is upgrading their Macs to the latest models, then the older models might need to be disposed of, this is where an ITAD service comes in.

At Mac Exchange, we purchase unwanted Apple equipment and provide a safe, secure, and straightforward ITAD service to make sure your old devices are decommissioned correctly. We use industry-leading data sanitation software from Blancco, ensuring all data is permanently erased and provide full documentation throughout our process.

What is Blancco?

Blancco is a security organisation that offers data erasure solutions to businesses that recycle or dispose of computer assets. The solutions provided by Blancco allow the secure erasure of data, whilst providing a certification associated with each secure erasure, maintaining an audit trail. These processes are industry-leading and are globally certified by various organisations, including but not limited to, National Cyber Security Centre (GCHQ) and Swedish Armed Forces.

Blancco is also identified as complying with privacy and security regulations across the globe, meaning that the erasure standards support both government policies and industry requirements.

All Apple devices that we process will be securely erased and a Blancco certification will be generated per device. These Blancco certifications will be then provided to you to confirm data sanitisation.

Our ITAD Process

We aim to keep our ITAD Process as simple as possible to make it easy to securely and recycle unwanted Apple equipment. There are three main steps to our ITAD process.

  • Straightforward quote: We will provide a quote based on the specification and information provided to us of your Apple devices. Before contacting us it is crucial to accurately determine the model and specification of the devices you have, so we can provide an accurate quote during the trade-in process. For any help determining the specification/model of your device, you can view our comprehensive guide here.

  • Collection and secure erasure: We will collect your devices safely at a time that best suits. Once the devices reach our premises we will securely erase them via Blancco and then pass these through our comprehensive tests to compare this against the information provided during the quote stage.

  • Fast payment: We will purchase your devices quickly via BACS and send over the Blancco certifications confirming secure data erasure.

If you have any Apple devices such as an iPad, iMac, MacBook, or Mac Mini please feel free to get in touch with us by calling 0208 191 1745 or emailing us at for advice or a quick quote.


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